Kim’s recent snaps – Kim Twerking!!

I love Kim so much, and this made me love her more!! She snapchat-ed a lot of hot pictures including a video in which she TWERKS whilst covered in oil!!

Check the video out:

Also, check her snapchat story of 18th of August

August,19 2016 : Kim Kardashian, Hrush, Steph & Jasmine in Punta Mita, Mexico

Kim and her family planned a trip together in Punta Mita, Mexico.

She was slaying flaunting her body, her friend’s body, I mean, she has something to be proud of.

Check these photos of her and her friends.

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Also, she opened her MERCH STORE in which you can buy awesome KIMOJI Merch, they are all so awesome! You can buy them by clicking this link:

Kim at the #BlogHer Experts Among Us Conference in Los Angeles, CA today

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Kim leaving Epione Cosmetic Laser Center in Beverly Hills, CA yesterday

Kim was spotted yersterday (5th of August) leaving Epione Cosmetic Laser Center in Beverly Hills, California. Her braids are goals.

Milf, baby!

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Kim has a new haircut

Yes, you heard it right. The sweetly 34 year old reality star and amazing mom has a new haircut! She posted some pictures of her new haircut on her snapchat that are rocking us!

She posted a selfie video of herself showing off her amazing haircut:

“I did love the blond and I wish I could have kept it a little longer [but] I really wanted to go to Armenia being a brunette,” she told E! News in May 2015. “I wish I had kept it a couple months longer. I’ll do it again, but I’m going to have to wait now a couple years because it just damaged my hair so much—I just need to get it back.”


Keeping up with The Kardashians Tonight

Today’s the day! Sunday has finally arrived.

And that means…? Keeping up with The Kardashians!!

Be sure to tune in tonight (July 31st) at 9/8c on E! to watch another amazing episode.

Here is a little sneak peek:




26/07 Kim at the opening of Shannon & Co

On 26th of July, Kim was spotted going to the opening of the Shannon & Co store ran by her grandmother, Mary Jo. After these events, all the Kardashians celebrated Mary Jo’s birthday. They had a lot of fun, met fans, took selfies. Girls gone wild!

Here are some pictures, click on “view more images from this album” to see the complete album with all the pictures in it.

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Kim’s Met Gala Fitting

Kim looked amazing at the Met Gala 2016! Kanye did too!

She posted some behind the scenes pictures of her fitting and her dress on her official website.

She captioned:

For the 2016 Met Gala, I worked with Olivier Rousteing, one of my closest friends and the creative director for Balmain. The theme of the event was Manus x Machina, the melding of fashion and technology, so we wanted to go for a really futuristic look.

The process of getting ready for an event like this is intense; it really takes a village. At this time, my post-pregnancy weight was still fluctuating and I was not at my goal yet, but I was trying so hard. Olivier and his entire Balmain team brought tons of options for me to try.

When I landed in New York at midnight, I immediately went to see Olivier for a 1 a.m. fitting, and we literally cut skirts in half, created tops from dresses, and stayed up until 4 a.m. to get the perfect option that we felt fit the theme.

The good news is, I still have all the other pieces, so I can wear them for future events. What a dream come true!!!

Scroll down to see the BTS photos from my fitting for the 2016 Met Gala!

Here are the pictures:

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Disclaimer: Photos owned by, copyright goes to the right owners.

23/07 – Kim at Hakkasan Las Vegas

On July 23rd Kim flew to Las Vegas where she was the guest of honor of the Hakkasan club. Fans were so happy and glad to meet her.

He have added a lot of pictures into our gallery.

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