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    [Photos] Getting gas in Sherman Oaks
    Mar 10 2012 Admin Comment Photos

    Yesterday, Kim Kardashian was photographed at a gas station filling her car with gas in Sherman Oaks (March 9th). I have uploaded 58 high quality and medium quality photos to the gallery. Take a look.

    ♥ Candids > 2012 > March 9th – Getting gas in Sherman Oaks

    [Photos] On the set of a Midori commercial in Los Angeles
    Mar 9 2012 Admin Comment Photos

    Hey everyone, I have been so busy, but I’m back to updating as usual. Also, Kim-Kardashian.BZ has been online for 1 year! Thanks for everyone who visits.

    So yesterday, Kim was seen on the set of a Midori commercial in Los Angeles (March 8th). I love her outfit! I have uploaded 17 high quality photos to the gallery. Take a look.

    ♥ Candids > 2012 > March 8th – On the set of a Midori commercial in Los Angeles

    [News] Kim Kardashian wants divorce from Kris Humphries done in court privately
    Feb 9 2012 Admin Comment News

    It appears that Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are at odds when it comes to one of their largest issues relating to their divorce — whether or not it is handled privately or for all to see.

    Speaking to Radar Online, a source close to the reality TV star says that Kim wants to just get this entire ordeal over with, and does not want the public to actually find out everything that is happening in her life courtesy of this:

    “A public trial is the last thing that Kim wants, and she has instructed her lawyer to formally petition the court so that the divorce can be heard by a mediator, which is routinely done in California, since it’s a no-fault state.”

    As for why Humphries wants to have the divorce trial be public, it may be to help furhter exemplify the spectacle that his marriage was — which is one of the reasons he is reportedly fighting for an annulment.


    [Photos] At LAX Airport
    Feb 9 2012 Admin Comment Photos

    Yesterday, Kim Kardashian was photographed at LAX Airport catching a flight to Miami (February 8th). I have uploaded 20 high quality and medium quality photos to the gallery. Take a look.

    ♥ Candids > 2012 > February 8th – At LAX Airport

    [Photos] At the gym in Los Angeles
    Feb 9 2012 Admin Comment Photos

    The other day, Kim was photographed arriving and leaving the gym in Los Angeles (February 6th). I have uploaded 66 medium quality photos to the gallery. Check them out.

    ♥ Candids > 2012 > February 6th – At the gym in Los Angeles

    [News] Kardashian finds God… and 13m on Twitter
    Feb 6 2012 Admin Comment News

    It appears that troubled Kim Kardashian has finally found God, as the reality TV star heads on a religious journey that sees 13 million followers in her wake.

    Albeit the astronomical figure is her ‘fan-following’ on Twitter, one can’t doubt that Kardashain’s life may finally be getting some stability as the 31-year-old even mulls over starting her very own Bible study group.

    While some may say the sinner is finally attempting a hand at redemption by adopting a more saintly way of life, one has to give full marks to Kardashian for ensuring she trends in the news, and how.

    After last week’s church visit, Kardashian and mom, Kris Jenner, were pictured arriving at the LifeChange Community Church in Calabases, California.

    And just so no one missed the outing, she also tweeted about her visit, saying: “Early morning workout done now off to church with the family… Have a great day everyone! [sic]”

    This was followed up by a retweet of sis Kourtney Kardashian’s message that “Perfect day so far! RT @KourtneyKardash: Church and family brunch…perfect Sunday!”

    The diva, who has been facing backlash since her 72-day marriage to Kris Humphires disintegrated last year, has been attempting to salvage her public image in the aftermath.

    When quizzed inn a recent interview with Piers Morgan over her net worth, Kardashian said: “Whatever it is, I give 10 per cent away to the church and that’s what I was taught. Every year. Absolutely.”

    During the chat on his CNN show, “Piers Morgan Tonight”, Kardashian confirmed that she had given away millions to charity.

    Incidentally, her recent visit to the church also saw Kardashian bumping into newfound friend, Leann Rimes, who is currently recovering from a minor surgery.

    Following her chat with God, Kardashian hit the magic 13m mark on Twitter, prompting her to thank her fans, saying: “13 million followers! Thank you dolls so much! I love u guys so much! I’m so thankful for each and every one of you!”

    Clearly, it seems her prayers have been answered.


    [News] Kris Humphries will take Kim Kardashian to court
    Feb 6 2012 Admin Comment News

    Sources are claiming that Kris Humphries plans on taking his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, to court.

    Sources say that Kris “wants the world to know how badly he was duped into this sham of a marriage.” The source continues, “Kris knew he was going to look like the bad guy on “Kourtney and Kim Take New York”, but it’s so blatant and over the top, it’s just cruel.”

    Kris is prohibited from publicly discussing many details of their marriage (and divorce) due to their prenuptual agreement, but if the judge grants the divorce on grounds of fraud, the prenup will be voided.


    [News] Kim Kardashian Will Never Date Another Football Player!
    Feb 6 2012 Admin Comment News

    Kim Kardashian is already talking about dating again. Well, sort of. The reality TV star has reportedly said she will never again date another football player. (Sorry, Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez!)

    It seems that Kim has realized she doesn’t mesh well with NFL stars, but what about NBA players? Kardashian is in the midst of a divorce from New Jersey Net, Kris Humphries. However, she didn’t mention anything about basketball players. Does she already have one of Lamar Odom’s teammates in mind?

    Does Kim Kardashian realize all the quality men she’ll be missing out on if she bans football players? Oh well, more for the super models! This new announcement may have something to do with Reggie Bush.

    Kim and Reggie were great together. However, her career seemed to keep them apart. Kardashian was reportedly so distraught over their break up that she’s sworn off football players all together.

    It seems that Kim Kardashian should just take a break from dating, period. The starlet has been nothing but criticized by the media, and fans, for her rocky love life. She needs to take some time to find herself, regroup, and plan her next big move.


    [News] Kim Kardashian Divorce Trial Set To Be Televised?
    Feb 6 2012 Admin Comment News

    Fans of Kim Kardashian will get front-row seats to the reality star’s forthcoming divorce trial, after Hollywood Life reported the court proceedings are likely to be televised because of California law’s “open policy” on popular cases. If Kardashian wants to keep her divorce from Kris Humphries private, she is seemingly left with no other option than to settle out-of-court.

    Humphries is reportedly still pushing for an annulment, instead of a divorce, but this would likely lead to further unwanted exposure. Celebrity divorce lawyer Raoul Felder told the Huffington Post, “An annulment is based on fraud… it requires corroboration, witnesses to back it up.The average person with a 60-day marriage would be talking with their lawyer about an annulment. But there is a lot of exposure involved in it and I just don’t think they want that”. Humphries would need to prove “deception regarding a significant matter that led to the marriage” in order to gain an annulment and many commentators accused the Kardashians of staging the marriage to boost ratings on their reality show. Hollywood Life says the Humphries team may also be planning to use footage from ‘Kourtney and Kim Take New York’ as evidence of fraud.

    Elsewhere in the Kardashian world, Kim has denied she is secretly dating Nfl star Mark Sanchez, saying she is “completely done” with football players in general following her romance with Reggie Bush. There were initial reports that Kim and Mark hooked up while she was in New York, but in a recent Twitter post she told followers, “dating rumors are always fun when u don’t even know the people your supposedly linked to! Who makes this stuff up!”


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